Be The Change Devotional Week 17: Be Addicted


When I was in high school and college, I worked at a drive-thru espresso stand. The good one in town. We averaged about $1000 dollars in sales every morning. Also, on average, I earned anywhere between $80-$100 daily in cold hard cash from tips. My sweet reward for working the 5 am shift. Busy was good. Coffee was good. This addiction…good.

To this day, I still love my coffee. Sweet and creamy. The more I drink it, the more I wanted it. The more I wanted it, nothing else would satisfy my craving. What’s my point to all of this?

Coffee is addicting. AND…the good life is addicting.

This crazy addictive behavior should be our attitude toward the people we love, the life we live, and the things we want to do. Nothing else should suffice. We should crave to give love, to share our blessings, to embrace people, and release our  greatest talents to better our world.

Life was meant to be lived.

It is short, and often difficult and ruthless.

So being addicted to the good stuff is a delicious treat to this meal of life.

What is on your plate right now? Is it hard and ruthless? Or are you more passive? Do you have any treats? What good stuff have you wanted to indulge in? Life is short. Do something this week to discover what you crave.

For me, results are my hook.

Results: Lately, I indulged in sewing. I was addicted to the results. I made my first Chevron quilt (not complete yet but the front patterned side). And I loved seeing the chevron patterns change and build.

What results are rewarding for you?  What does it for you? Is it statistics, numbers, trading, fashion, combinations, sounds, tastes, breathtaking views?

Addiction happens when after you’ve enjoyed something, a chemical releases in your brain that says, “this is GOOD!”

(Believe it or not, this can actually happen with out any drug use or substance abuse!)

Don’t fall for those cheap highs they sell over the counter. Those knock offs! Pah! (Those aren’t the goods.) Get real! The good addictions you must work hard for. Guess what? Your body, mind and soul know the difference! You either work hard and get rewarded – or – consume the lie of cheap thrills and reap the consequences.

This week is about finding your fix! Go and see what sends your brain into la la land. In other words, that thing you discover should give you energy, make you happy, and share it with others. Discover something new that you love about life, your family and friends, and your activities. Work hard and reap the amazing results, rewards and pure satisfaction. You will do more, be more, and live life more fully.

Be Addicted…to the good life.

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