Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt (review)

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I’m sure at some point (if you are a blogger, twitterer, social media savvy guru) you have heard of Michael Hyatt’s New York Times Bestseller, “Platform: Got Noticed in a Noisy World.”

I picked this book up about a year ago now and was waiting for the right time to read it. Recently, I finished the book and my review follows.

It is brilliantly written. I love accessible information and his book brings it home. He doesn’t talk down to his readers. He brings them along the journey of building a platform via a blog/website, social media, and the other internet tools. A remarkable read for todays ambitious people.

Platform teaches blogging from the start and the work of building a successful platform. He inspires, motivates, gives tips for “cutting the fat”, and explains a good deal about Twitter. (The twitter information is great because the biggest complaint I’ve heard from people who don’t Tweet is that they don’t “get it.” Michael Hyatt will help you understand the powers at work in the Twittosphere.

Favorites from the book:

  • Branding: I had very fundamental knowledge about branding. Michael Hyatt reinforced my understanding with more incentive to create and maintain a personal brand. How brands are affected by your online image. (I liked his direction to be authentic and transparent for whatever it is you are trying to sell.)
  • Blogging tips: He gives a plethora of ideas and strategies to vary blog posts, build readership, and engage your audience. He encourages his readers to never settle, keep up with current information, share more value, and add flavors from your personal life to keep it genuine.
  • Policies: I liked his advice on creating policies for comments and conversations. He keeps the boundaries clear, and his standards high. This direct approach to setting his expectations for engagement facilitates the positive growth and usefulness of his site. All the while, he is tactful and unassuming.

I hope you pick up a copy of his book! It’s a fantastic read for anyone who wants to understand online etiquette and basic blogging and Tweeting.

Here is a link to his website that pitches his book to you (and where you can buy it.)

Be The Change Devotional Week 28: Be Wise


“In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams.” -Nigerian Proverb

In the Nigerian proverb above it points our that wisdom builds, foolishness withholds. In my understanding I gather from this proverb that when a person is wise he gives twice as much, when he is foolish he gives nothing.

The very nature of wisdom is an integration of both knowledge and compassion. In order to be wise, you need to be committed to using your knowledge for the benefit of everyone. Anything less than that has flaws of folly.

Life is difficult and challenging, arduous and heinous. In fact, this never changes. We only get better at coping, strategizing, and overcoming. And yet sometimes, we wonder why life isn’t better. We take on our problems, we can anticipate certain feelings, and events, but still aren’t satisfied. Why?

Of course, there are many explanations for being dissatisfied. But this week, I suggest to you that it is wisdom you need for a greater level of satisfaction. Wisdom is a huge part of enjoying the good life.

The foolish person in the proverb builds a dam to overcome adversity. He works just as hard as the wise person, but he works against nature. Is it satisfying to hold onto anger, frustration, or disappointment? Bottling up and holding back these things creates far worse psychological issues (i.e. anxiety and depression).

On the other hand, the wise person works hard to build a bridge. He works with nature. He didn’t attempt to dam up natural occurrences. Does this sound more satisfying? He allowed nature to work for him. Likewise, you can react to life in a constructive way.

To speak to the expected issues, events, or interactions that may be difficult in your week. I know there are people that have a “flow” you don’t like so much. Maybe there is a new curriculum, a court order, a new memo that you don’t agree with. Whatever crisis you have to overcome, don’t dam up your life energy. Discern the difference between the negative and positive, and use the energy to create a solution that works for everyone.

Week 28 is about being wise. Even when nature seems destructive, you have a choice. Be constructive.You cannot use the resources around you, if you choose to withhold energy. As this week gets insane, GIVE ENERGY. Direct and guide the energy to something useful.

The wise person engages nature at its wild and raw state. (Being wise requires mental endurance, but it is richly rewarding.) The privilege of a wise person is turning a crisis into peace, a tragedy into hope, hate into love, and rubble into cities! So, instead of considering your interests only, consider what others would like; consider the group’s desires. Use your mind to build.

Be Wise.


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Be The Change Devotional Week 27: Be Hopeful


In the light of witnessing the horrific events taking place in Iraq, I found myself beginning to fret. Of course, there are thousands of ways to eliminate fear rationally and logically. However, I was still deeply affected by the sorrows, fear, and sense of complete hopelessness strewn about our world.

My heart yearns for the answer to the prodding yet evasive questions: Where is my hope? What hope do I have?

Sometimes we forget that bad things happen to bring us closer to God. There are words that have been said before: God is close to the broken hearted AND he gives grace to the humble. So if we are broken hearted, if we remain humble in our weakness, fears, and live them delicately human then his forgiving presence will inspire within us the hope that was once lost. He is an ever present help in times of trouble.

Poetry of the past reminds us to put our hope in God. Many people lose themselves because they put their hope in things bound to earth (and are lost by an inevitable end). But I believe our hope remains in heaven…it is our beginning and our end. To put our hope in God is the only logical, conclusive hope we have. Next time, you lose sight of hope, think. Perhaps, it’s been misplaced. Is your hope in the next job, partner, spouse, paycheck? If you find it there, it’s smoke and mirrors. Your real hope is found in heaven.

I believe that if I am to truly live my life, it’s necessary to leave my despair behind. Despair is not going on this trip with me. It just doesn’t belong. Life is full of hardships, loss, fear, and mourning; I believe this is a passing journey we travel where God grips our hearts to bring us close to His love. To desire him above everything else.

photo-4We don’t know what’s around the corner of our lives. We don’t know if we’ll be homeless, divorced, if we’ll lose someone we love, or when a life threatening event will come upon us. Today may be that day for many. These are the very times to cast your despair away and remember God’s desire is to be close to you. You are going to a place better than this one here. It is so important to hold onto the hope that will never disappoint us. Everyone has a friend, a mother, brother, father, or sister who needs a hope that will deliver. Everyday, we have an opportunity to offer glimpses of this hope.

This week, be the change. Will you find hope to become hope for someone else? (This is how you become strong again.)  Will you find your hope in heaven, and put your hope in God? Will you be a haven to your sister in need? Will you be a refreshing drink for your brother? A comforting word for your father? A follow through with resources for your mother? This week, discover where hope is truly found, set sail, and when you arrive, anchor down. And begin to produce hope for others.

Be Hopeful.

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Be The Change Devotional Week 26: Be Alive


Sounds like a no brainer right? Be alive. But seriously, being alive takes some skill. We can sit through life with a regular routine that never challenges us. Or, we can live lives that make us feel alive.

This past week, I went to Montana for a family vacation. This trip got me pondering what it means to be alive. We drove on “Going to the sun road” through Glacier National Park and I was swept away with the grand majesty of our nation’s land. We also spent time on a boat in Whitefish Lake and I was impacted by the world around me. (FYI -I have a weird fear of deep water; I say, weird because I don’t know where it came from, and I haven’t yet worked it out-I say this because fear is definitely related to this post!)

I came to realize this about fear and the wonderful feeling of being alive. They go hand in hand. At the moment our lives are threatened, we look for ways to survive and we live more vigorously. At the greatest heights of Glacier National park I was in awe of how incredible the view was. But when I looked down, I was terrified. On the lake, when I looked around I was exhilarated by the views of the glassy waters, and surrounding land, but on imagining the depths of my surroundings -below me, around me, and above -I was terrified.

I think we all have these moments where panic and exhilaration combine. Usually, fear takes over and we hate these moments. But I wanted so badly to get over my fear of water, that I chose to experience it as my life at the most vulnerable and sublime moment. I think these powerful moments are here to bless us with raw feelings of being alive.

You can apply this concept to all your fears. Whether they are of public speaking, being around massive amounts of people, fear of heights, water, etc. there is a surreal and raw sweetness from which to learn.

I wish I had more moments like that I can learn from in ways that only fear can initiate. It’s that incredible feeling of being alive, surviving something awesome, thrilling, terrifying, and beautiful.

This week I am going to see life through that lens -sensitive, raw, terrifying, thrilling, and beautiful. My everyday life definitely doesn’t have me going to Glacier National Park, but perhaps this feeling of being alive can be magnified. Because the feeling of fear can be mysterious, coming and going at a moments notice. This week I will seek to be this change: Be thrilled, be terrified, be beautifully alive.

Be Alive.

Be The Change Devotional Week 25: Be Brave


It takes guts to live life on this planet. It takes guts to speak out! You got to have courage to stand up for yourself and your rights! Now is the time to live boldly, and courageously! We must learn how to never quit in the face of difficulty, danger, and pain.

I used to think this is what it meant to be brave. And it is. A big part. But there is another part of bravery that I’m discovering along the way. Being brave can be exhibited by being meek and quiet in the midst of fear. Being brave is holding your ground even if it’s shaky. Being brave is not stammering about in the middle of a typhoon shouting do your worst! Bravery is keeping your feet on the ground, your mind steady, your thoughts collected, and your hands diligent.

I’ve realized that it takes more guts to be silent in the face of challenging foes, events, or circumstance. I’ve also learned that if I try to be brave, I usually end up coward. Guess what? It takes more guts to quietly chip away at the changes to make within ourselves, rather than fight to remain the same. Are you getting me?

Sure, there are times where we all should have the valiant courage to make the right choice. Peer pressure is everywhere no matter what age you are. However, we need to pay more attention to the moments in our lives that require the quiet courage too. You decide what type of courage best fits…quiet or valiant.

Courage when it counts:

1) When you don’t want to do something others are doing. Being courageous counts when you want to enjoy personal preferences (when you are courageous in this context, you experience the essence of true freedom). By which, your character can be refined if you have the courage to make confident choices regardless of the social pressures in the way. Have you gone against your own convictions or personal preferences because of social pressure? Be free. Be brave.

2) When its illegal. The law is black and white. (Although, some would say that’s debatable.) In the workforce (and anywhere really), you may be witness to or experiencing illegal stuff. Being courageous counts when illegal activity affects the world you and I live in. Is there something you have seen or heard that affects you in the workplace, your neighborhood? Be brave.

3) When you want change. Being courageous counts when you want to change your life so badly that you won’t let the pain, danger, or difficulty stop you.  This is the trickiest of all because this type of bravery is the silent kind. This bravery builds quiet momentum until your entire life has changed by one courageous action after another.

Consider the following examples for developing your own quiet bravery:

Hot temper? It takes a brave soul to sit quietly, not fight back, and seek resolution with a whole new approach. Constant courage will change your entire communication system.

Weight issues? It takes courage to make every single healthy choice consistently when the numbers on the scale don’t go down and you don’t see any change. It takes courage to keep going in the midst of difficulty.

Low self-esteem? Bravery works its magic when you have the courage to dig quietly like Edmond Dantes in Count of Monte Cristo while he was in Chatteau D’if. There is a time to shine, the time may not be now, but keep doing the hard work it takes to be great even alongside great pain.

Last words to you. Your wits and intelligence are too valuable to be flushed into the vortex of fear. There are times to be brave where you take a stand and speak out -personal preference and illegal activity. But the REAL COURAGE is the quiet type – the type of courage heroes have – quiet & relentless. This courage requires perseverance and confident resolve. The quiet brave soul surrenders itself through the storms in order to gain the strength, peace, and genuine virtue.

This week, know the difference. See the difference. Live the difference. Surrender yourself through the storm in order to gain the strength, peace, and genuine virtue by being courageous. Sometimes we have to be our own hero because the ones in comics don’t really exist.

Be Brave.


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Be the Change Devotional Week 24: Be Prepared

Be Prepared

I remember when I was young my mother always told me, If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. Preparation is the key to success. Every person in leadership ought to be prepared. There will always be variables that you can’t control, but you’d be amazed at how much you can actually control and dictate.

People who over prepare think a lot about murphy’s law -What can go wrong, will go wrong. So to remedy the case of the “what-ifs,” they look at their predicament through a thousand different angles and plan accordingly. Is this overboard? Not if you can prevent a disaster, or a minor delay in order to stay on track with your goals. You never know when that one detail can change the course of your life or goals.

For me, I prepare. I don’t over prepare really. But I prepare for basic, normal life. (I want to be an over-preparer!) How about you? Are you preparing for murphy’s law to happen everyday? Or are you a average preparer? We can also think about the neurotic, anxious, and obsessive worriers. Are you like that? Staying up at night worrying? Begin preparing!

photoI’m a believer that the more obsessive and anxious the people are, the more amazing and brilliant they can be! Once you put the worry and pressures of your task, goal,or whatever in the light of preparation you will be successful. Don’t be afraid to take preparation to an obsessive level. think about what filmmaker, David Fincher says, “My idea of professionalism is probably a lot of people’s idea of obsessive.”

Week 24 is about being prepared. Take the time to think ahead and plan it out. Consider how everything will be affected by what you say, think, wear, whether or not you eat, etc. For example when we eat out with friends whether or not you eat at home first will affect your time, your money, your words, and your impression. This of course, is a basic preparation -the average.

But what if you took your preparedness to new heights? How then would you really be able to affect the world and people around you? You would be able to deliver the impression you intend. You would be more successful at loving your friends and family. You would be able to anticipate awkward or pretentious moments and thus, respond intentionally. Think, plan, anticipate, and act in line with what outcome you want. And when those uncontrolled variables start popping up, you will be one step ahead.

Be Prepared


My Husband’s Movie Opens In Over 700 Theaters Nationwide in 10 Days

I’m really proud of my husband for ALL the hard work he has done on his movie, “Persecuted.” He wrote the film. He directed the film. And produced it.

During the first year we were married, he woke up in the middle of the night with the whole story in his head. He worked tenaciously, draft after draft. Along the way, he met a handful of people who helped, most of which didn’t have the staying power to see it through to this present day.

He has fought tooth-and-nail and sacrificed more than anyone could ever guess to get this movie into the hands of the audience. And I have never seen anyone care about a vision more than my husband has for this movie.


WATCH the trailer here: Persecuted Trailer

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Thank you for checking out the trailer, sharing it, becoming a fan, buying your tickets…whatever you decide to do.




Be The Change Devotional Week 23: Be Real


What does “be real” even mean? Whether I put on a facade or am transparent, I am a living person behaving in a very real way, right? So being “real” can mean different things to different people. Therefore, I know this may seem a bit pretentious. But as I seek to “Be The Change, I am discovering a more personal meaning for being real.

Have you ever been in the presence of a person who doesn’t fake who they are? It’s refreshing and lovely. They are who they are. They are funny, brash, witty, charming, intense -you get the picture. When I meet them, they seem to sparkle in a way that is so unique and brilliant. They clap for awesome moments, some cry, some squeal with joy and some do nothing at all. Most notably, they have mastered the art of putting attention on the moment and enjoying every bit of it. They do not draw attention for themselves, but for others.

Being real is beautiful to me for this one reason. Inside each of us is a unique perspective and a satisfying twist in the way we enjoy every moment. If we are not careful, we can lose the radiant, unique beauty expressed in all of us.

A friend of mine in college once spoke very slowly as if it was difficult for her to think and speak. It was hard to talk with her and “get” her. She was nice, beautiful, intelligent but her speech distracted me. One day, I came into class and spoke with a completely different woman. I asked her, what is different?

She said, “I used to care so much about how I came across to others. One morning I told myself -that’s enough, I’m not going to do that anymore. And I changed.” 

Just like that? I asked. “Yeah!” She radiated beauty, presence, awareness; And sparkled in a new, refreshing way.

Every one of us can be fake, or awkward. We focus more on our impression rather than the who we really are. Losing the precious moments while thinking about how to impress others.

I want to meet more people that are themselves, People who are not preoccupied with what others think, so I gotta be like that too.

I want to meet people whose confidence is rooted in the simplicity of being found alive. I want to add to those numbers.

What about you? Would you like to see more real people? Become one yourself.

Be The Change Devotional Week 23 is about being real. No more fake smiles, laughs, forced speech, and awkward clothing. Discover this week, what it’s like to be present and in the moment. Tell yourself no more to all of it. You have one life to live…and whether you are or aren’t, you are real either way.

Be Real



Be The Change Devotional Week 22: Be Positive


There are seasons in our lives where we can get busy and stress seems to consume us like a Tsunami. Under the stress we can lose our cool. We can complain and speak out negatively about the storms, our lives, and people. But we forget that storms come to reveal to us who and what we cherish.

Along with working on the Be Cool techniques from Week 21, you can learn to Be Positive no matter what the outward situation looks like for the moment. Be positive to master the storms in your life with grace and depth of character.

How well do you steer your ship in the storms? Is it an example others should follow? What are ways that you remain positive? Do you have a good sense of protecting those you love?

I have had a habit of grumbling when things are less than smooth sailing. With a slight breeze, I can get cranky. When someone or something rocks my boat, the negative, grumbling complaints begin. Complaining and being negative isn’t productive any way and usually makes things more uncomfortable than they already are.

To learn about how to make a sticky situation more comfortable, I like to think about great leadership. All notable leaders remain positive. They seek to discover something good within all situations, and lead their thoughts and others in a direction that preserves the good stuff.

For a long time, I would tell myself that the storms of life are good. I disagree with that now. Although, they bring opportunities to grow, most of the time they just difficult to handle. So I’ve conlcuded that storms are not to be praised for their difficulty; but for the power they have to reveal to me what I love most in life.

Caution: If we are not careful, the storms have the power to wipe out the people and things we value most. Therefore, the life we live needs to be preserved and protected. Being positive facilitates preservation.

Week 22 is about you being positive. When you hear your mind, thoughts and words begin to turn sour and negative, be positive. Discover what is good and what is delicate. Speak positive things that reflect what you value. Don’t let your ship go down in the waves of life, don’t give your treasures to the sharks. (Life never stops moving with ups and downs). Learn to preserve and protect who and what you cherish most by remaining positive.

Be Positive.

Breakfast in Bagdhad


Nights fill with terror, and echoes of genocide are heard from around the world. How did we get to this point? Friends against friends, brothers against brothers, families against families, people against people.

Amidst war and among terrified hearts, I hear choirs of angels ministering to the ones crying out. Oceans of voices unified in song engulf my soul. Enraptured, I listen. The beauty of their sound soothes this weary heart.

I chase the song like a hummingbird chases after her breakfast, while the noise of a world offended fades. And soon, I find myself having breakfast in presence of angels and perfect peace. The hummingbird has caught her breakfast -A meditation within heaven’s gates.

Resolve. The days get darker, my soul gets lighter. The confusion rises, but my clarity anchors. People gamble with hope, I preserve my vision. As egos take their thrones, I remove my crown.

I am thankful there will be a day where I will surrender this kingdom and this body, to gain one I will never lose. And I will no longer eat my breakfast in Bagdhad.