Be The Change Devotional Week 40: Be Yourself

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I was younger I never cared for self-presentation. I simply did what I wanted. I was wild and free; bold and daring. Whatever I wanted to do, I did it. And I didn’t notice or care what others thought about what I did. Enter adulthood. Now a days, I’m watching my six to see who’s listening, watching, or judging. Social circles are complicated. Since I started learning about the social scenes, I’ve picked up on a few things; in particular the watching, listening, and judging which everyone does. Which is ok. Really, it is okay. We are human, it happens and there’s no way around it. So what’s the secret to being yourself?

Have you wondered that very question? I know countless people who have said that when they were younger they didn’t give a rip! They put themselves out there in ways they wouldn’t dare now. So what is it that happens that causes us to shut down? In short, I think its two things happening simultaneously. One, when others judge us (past or present) and they’re wrong, we feel misjudged. Two, we get so insecure about them judging we slowly cut back. (Next time, pull it back a bit…that was too much I guess.) So over time, we do not express the slightest bit of who we are.

What’s the problem with that? Isn’t being socially acceptable a good thing? I’m just being well-tempered, and trying not to stir things up. Unless you want to be background music at your own party, it’s not ok. The problem is this: You are valuable. Your thoughts, ideas, and experiences are valuable. And when you shrink back, and shrink back some more, and shrink back yet again—you belittle yourself and lose yourself to the idea someone wants you to be. Eventually, you wonder why you were ever born! Your sense of purpose becomes lost and your passion goes dormant deep inside of you. (Side note: People are searching for passion and purpose on a daily basis. I believe this is why we don’t feel it or know it. Because we are essentially hiding all that we are.)

Judy Garland once said, “Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” Good wisdom! But how do we practically be a “first rate version of ourself” in a world where everyone’s trying to mold you into their image of you. I’ll admit, it’s easier at times to close up, laugh when everyone laughs, get food when everyone gets food, fumble when they fumble, and so on. You know the awkward moments to which I am referring. But you can’t anymore! This week, it is time for you to be yourself in the most practical of ways!

Here it is: You must think about who you are and refine it. What’s at play is your self-presentation. How you deliver who you are to others. Commit to saying or doing what is in your heart to do or say. One rule though: Think before you do it. Jump ahead five minutes in your head, how will that go for you?

We are all very good at being ourselves when we are alone. The art of being yourself around others is more difficult to accomplish, I think. It takes time to develop the skill of being yourself around others because there are more variables. Can you believe that? You have passion and hidden talents that ought to be valued by you first. Don’t throw your pearls out on the grass so people can trample them, wear them around your neck. You are precious. Take time to be smart about how you present yourself.

Week 40 of Be The Change is about playing with your talents, discovering your passion again, and expressing yourself intelligently. When you are in a room full of people don’t rush to find a “comfortable” closed off way to go about. Express who you are in a way that is so satisfying that you’ll want to do it more and more!

Be Patient. Be strategic. Be thoughtful. Be Yourself.

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Stay on That Marriage Boat!

Once upon a time there was a fisherman and his very clever dog. They both agreed that it would be a good day to test the sail boat they had been building for a couple of years. They got their fishing gear, food for their journey, and pushed the boat into the sea. Sails were lifted high and off they went into the morning sun. They boasted in the epic moment.

By nightfall, the fisherman was enjoying himself! The stars twinkled above him, the water slapped the sides of their vessel and he was comforted in the glory of the offset of their new adventure! The dog however, was busying about checking the craftsmanship, looking for leaks, and taking inventory of their supplies. He then discovered that the fisherman had left the tools behind!

An argument ensued about the tools. Needless to say, it ruined the moment.

Marriage is like this. In the beginning of the marriage journey, the newly-wed couple is excited to be on the boat together. They created a relationship stable enough to embark on their journey. But as soon as it gets dark, the wife gets scared, insecure, doubtful, and begins to “discover” reasons why she shouldn’t be on that boat! Meanwhile, the husband is obliviously happy to have found a woman who would be at his side!

“If you go seeking and looking for darkness, you will only find more darkness.”

Women start off with great intentions in marriage. We desire to love our spouse, be loyal, be faithful, etc. But when things get “dark” we begin to get squeamish. The wedding ring looks more like it cost 25 cents at the grocery store, and our vows were more poetic than literal. Why in the heck does this happen to us women? Uhhh, I can think of several reasons, but instead I’ll give you tools. That’s what you were looking for in the first place.

Three tools to use to make your marriage better:

TOOL #1 – PEACE. When you catch yourself nit-picking or grumbling to yourself about your spouse, STOP. If you ever thought that journey could be real, STOP LOOKING FOR ERRORS AND LEAKS. If you look for things to pick on, you’ll only find more! Take responsibility for your dream, your life, and your marriage. Stop looking for darkness, it is the fastest way to destroy the peace you felt when your journey begun. Hold your peace by having courage. See Tool #2.

TOOL #2 – COURAGE. A wise man once said (paraphrased), “It takes courage to remain positive because you have to face the fear of being disappointed.” So where there is darkness in your mind bring light. Think about noble and lovely things. Thank your spouse. Say I love you. Say I’m sorry. Say I forgive you. When have enough courage to believe in the good things however small, you won’t be afraid of the dark! Even the littlest candle can light an entire room! Courage is to the journey what the wind is to the ship.  

TOOL #3 – JOY. You will notice when you focus on good things, you will enjoy your moments together. When you trust the ship, you can let go and look at the stars, feel the fresh air on your skin, and breathe in the night sky. Joy really becomes your reward for letting go of your anxiety, and nagging, and having courage to believe in the good things!

Step outside of your fears and trying too hard for a moment, and look! Your man, is a perfect example of cool, calm, and confident. Take his example, you only have one epic moment of watching the stars rotate in the night sky; no two nights are ever the same. Joy flits and floats like a butterfly, if you remain calm she’ll land right on your nose!

IS YOUR MARRIAGE GETTING DARKER? Not all moments are dreamy and star struck so let’s get real. When I say darkness, and now we’re talking other darkness it can be anything that causes your marriage to crack and feel so unstable you want to jump ship. The following list can be what dark seasons look like: You and/or your hubby can be in trouble financially, drug or alcohol addicted, into pornography, have a wandering eye, either of you may watch R-rated movies, too much violence leading to abuse, verbal abuse, be chronically ill, mentally ill. Whatever darkness it is, I plead with you to stay on the boat! Use these tools!

It takes hard work to have a successful marriage. And that hard work starts with yourself. NOT YOUR SPOUSE. So this morning, today, tonight, forever for your marriage believe that now is the time to practice loving and living in the moment. Hold onto your first tool, PEACE when you start to bring up problems that aren’t problems. Call upon COURAGE from within and begin thinking and speaking positive and promising thoughts. Trade your fear of the dark for the lightness of JOY.

Stay on the boat! And remember some of the richest marriages are the ones that are hit hard by life, and continue to use tools of peace, courage, and joy.

Below are some videos to encourage you in your marriage. 

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Disclaimer: I do not support a marriage that is life-threatening, abusive, and/or harmful to any woman or man. If you have not sought help for this and it is a problem, get help. Be loving and forgiving, but be wise. Be discerning as to what your strength is and how you need to go about getting the appropriate help.     

A Fresh Take On Toddler Behavior

My little boy turned 3 in March. His toddler mind is growing fast and taking shape. And I have a lot to do with “shaping” his mind.

Toddlers – Why are they so persistent in breaking the rules, trying new things, and pushing boundaries? I’ve heard that the toddler years are the “terrible twos.” It’s the time they start to control you, push the buttons, and learn to manipulate.   But there’s so much more to our toddlers’ psychology. I believe the development of faith is the key to this behavior. They are learning what it is to have faith.

Think about it! Our survival is based on faith. Faith leads us to act, test, and learn new things! It takes faith to learn to walk, learn to jump, crawl, build, talk, climb, and to read; to do anything new we need faith. It takes faith to learn new gadgets, make cold-calls, and for some that their car will work that day. The reason why these munchkins are pushing their limits is because they are putting their faith to the test. Ultimately, this fundamental part of their psychology is for their survival, confidence, progress, and joy.

Have you noticed how confident your toddler is when climbing on the couch? Jumping on it too? Whatever he is doing, he has survived his own fear, gained confidence, and progressed (and matured) on a new level of thinking. And he is incredibly happy about it! The mischievious grin seems to be sort of “I’m impressed with the magic of what just happened, and I DID IT!” The process of pushing the boundaries and trying new things builds his faith in every way. 

So how do we cope, deal, and direct this wildly magical activity?

Brief story:

One day, I was getting breakfast ready. My son saw the big tub of cookie dough in the fridge and began pulling and tugging on it. I was distracted so I didn’t address it, but in the back of my mind I thought, “He’s not having cookies for breakfast. That’s crazy.”

He tugged and tugged, until the tub crashed out of the fridge, hit the shelf, his toes, and knocked him over. He started to cry. Now, he needed my attention. I held him. I felt like saying, “That’s what you get. Now let’s get in the chair and have some breakfast,” while completely ignoring what he wanted -cookies.

A new thought popped in my head. He worked so hard to get those darn cookies out, that I’m going to make him some!

The lesson: 

I wonder sometimes, if when we say “That’s what you get,” and “I told you so,” we teach doubt and inadequacy. Are we sending the message, “Even though you tried, got beat up, and cried, you never came close because your fate was already decided”?

So often, out of love, we say to our toddler, “No, don’t do that, you might get hurt.” So we give them limits -you can go only this far. Or maybe we see them testing faith as disobedient, and think a good consequence is denying him what he wants.

I suggest that we could be unintentionally teaching them they can’t have what they are willing to work for. We disregard their efforts for the sake of staying in control. At the same time we kill their imagination. For example: like when they begin to solve their own problems, we say they are “getting into” stuff or being “mischievous.” When we judge them, instead of direct them, their independence weakens, their confidence shrinks and they become less imaginative and less willing to follow through and fulfill their own ideas.

I’ve heard so many mothers say that their kids teach them so many new life things. Faith has no limits is the lesson for me! I bet some of us are stuck (like myself) having to learn how to break the limits our parents taught us. We want to believe that God has no limits for us, he won’t withhold any good thing, and anything is possible with God, but are generally saying no to ourselves and that there is a boundary there or here or…where is it again? Because faith has no limits!

If our faith wasn’t dismantled from the start, maybe believing to accomplish something beyond our grasp wouldn’t seem so far fetched. We are called to lead extraordinary lives, why are we limiting our children to the ordinary?

We need to be intelligently and intuitively understanding their needs, desires, and safety. We need to be integrating faith, and encouraging them to see an idea through to its end no matter what it is. It’s a wonderful thing to dream big!  We fall down because its beyond us for a time, but try again because its not impossible! Most importantly, we need to teach them they will obtain their goal.

Only you know your toddler. But sometimes we get in the way. We have to take ourselves out of the way in order to see their victories and intrinsic reward for accomplishing cool things like “jumping on the couch without losing balance” or climbing up to “new heights” to throw moms crafts everywhere.  Our reward of watching their faith and confidence grow is priceless. You can help them succeed by permission and access (with supervision not micro-managing). Their faith will grow, their imagination will blossom, and there intelligence will be hearty.

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Be The Change Devotional Week 39: Be Vulnerable


I’m not one to wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes, if I want to feel emotions powerfully, it’s like pulling teeth. It’s as if they are a thousand miles away! And being vulnerable is that first step in the journey to connect. Throughout the years I have been hurt by those I love, and who were suppose to love me too. Which isn’t all that uncommon. I closed up as a defense to being trusting. I learned how to detach my emotions. This week’s post is going there. Exploring what it takes be vulnerable again. 

I adore the types of relationships that can laugh and cry together. These I believe are the most amazing of all friendships and relationships. The type of relationships that have such free flow of energy that they heal. They rapture our hearts with joy and peace. The worries come undone, and hope and life begin to grow! There is amazing satisfaction in these relationships. 

When was the last time your relationship went through something and you stuck together like glue, cried, and clung on for dear life? Is your relationship so full of sarcasm that it won’t allow your real feelings to come through? Is it dry and mechanical? Going through the motions? Do you want to feel connected? Do you want to have free-flow energy moving in your relationships? Be vulnerable!

What got me thinking?

I recently met up with one of my closest girlfriend’s at the Downtown Growers Market. We took a couple of photos together to capture our “last” hurrah before she moves out of state. When we said goodbye she was emotional, but I wasn’t. On the way home, I was looking at our pictures, thinking about the times we’ve shared and everything our relationship meant…then the floodgates opened and the tears came!

“What the heck, your too late tears!” I didn’t want to cry alone, I wanted to cry with her!

Why aren’t we vulnerable with people we know we can trust?

When we’re young and the friends we trusted hurt us, we learn to resist their ideas; it’s that learned defense mechanism to avoid vulnerable and weak. We start saying things like, “I will never let anyone hurt me like that again!” or, “I will forgive, but I will never forget.” And unfortunately, we don’t. We don’t forgive and we don’t let them affect us for positive or negative! We just neutralize! Am I ringing any bells? My friend never hurt me, but I think I had that outdated defense mechanism still in place from the past. (It’s safe to cry alone, isn’t it?) How about you? Do you have an old defense mechanism? Are you needing to break that stubborn wall down and free it up a bit? Maybe we could try being vulnerable together this week? 

First step in the the 1000 mile journey: Understand that EVERY experience is a new one and give place to vulnerability and your own weaknesses. 

We can be vulnerable by opening up our minds to new experiences. I believe there is great beauty and strength to be found in vulnerability. Instead, of thinking with absolute control, or even a closed way of thinking, perhaps try telling yourself, “I don’t know what will happen.” There is no way to tell for certain how the day will be, how people will behave, or how you respond to new things! 

I think I’ve only scratched the surface here, but believe I’m on the right track. I’d love to read your thoughts on this one! We have to kick the stubborn defense mechanisms that hold us back from connecting deeply. We have to be courageous to take that first step of the journey toward the vulnerability we wish to see in our lives.

Be open. Be fresh. Be unassuming. Be trusting.

Be vulnerable.

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Need a Double-Shot of Faith Today?

Guess what? God is with you right now. And whatever you are going through in your life, he is ready and FULLY able to help you. I hope this exposition on His Presence, Kingdom, and Grace helps you succeed today!

The Moment You Were Born

Psalm 22:10 says, “I was thrust into your arms at my birth. You have been my God from the moment I was born.” His perspective is one of pure faith. This statement is a foundational belief in God. That no matter where you are you are with God.  

Often times, people become afraid that they are lost, or God doesn’t love them, or God isn’t real because of their own sin and sometimes lack of so-called spirituality. Because of this, we begin believing that God has left us to fend for ourselves. We wish to make it into “heaven,” an know his presence but aren’t sure what that even means. But listen to what the psalmist says, “I was thrust into your arms at the moment of my birth!” So every moment you are breathing, you are in your creator’s embrace! Incredible!

Will you stretch your faith? Will you believe MORE! Will you change your thinking? God is here no matter what you do! God is with you! 

Jesus says (Matthew 6:31-34) in reference to not worrying, “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Seeking His Righteousness. You chase that still small voice that encourages you to do good things.

Unfortunately, like Adam and Eve, everyone tends to hide from God because we have failed to listen to HIs promptings. Don’t brush off that voice, listen to it and follow the good things that are in your heart to do. Reject the failures that get you down, refocus, and continue to pursue righteousness.

Luke 17:20-21 “Now having been questioned by the Pharisees as to when the kingdom of God was coming, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; 21 nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.” 

Many people think His kingdom will come later so they put off a “relationship” with God until convenient. But if you are to thrive, then it makes sense to believe that God is with you now! Begin seeking righteousness among your friends, co-workers, and everyday people you run into. Trust and believe God will guide you. He is all powerful, all knowing, and all wise to help.

Seeking His Kingdom. 

Like any Kingdom, it is rule by the Kings laws and orders. The bible clearly outlines certain principles by which the world works. There are biblical principles and spiritual laws in place which govern God’s kingdom. Laws of generosity. Laws of thought. Laws of sowing and reaping. Many great scholars, leaders, artists, and visionaries have discovered the biblical principles and have sought righteousness. When we seek to make right choices with ATTENTION TO GOD’S WAYS, we activate these laws put into place by God!

Grace for Created Beings.

Abundant in his grace for you, he is understanding and patient. He knows when you have failed to follow through with the good things. But he never stops loving you and giving you opportunity after opportunity to get started. He has massive blessings for your life.

To wrap up: You are in the arms of God. You are in His presence wherever you go. His grace abounds to you. He wants to help you do life better. Remember to listen and follow the still quiet voice telling you to do the right thing. Remember the laws at work that govern His kingdom. You are living a spiritual life everyday and this is His kingdom.

I encourage you to be a participant with actions, prayers, read your bible today (if you don’t have one, get one. I like the New Living Translation), say your sorry to someone, forgive, be thankful, and love people.

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A close friend posted a picture of herself with her 3 year old son in his carseat (photobombing, he’s adorable!), and her new medium length hair. Her caption read, “Chop, Chop” with a few hashtags, #shorthairdontcare was one of them.

I wanted to comment! While all the other commentators were saying “love,” and “love the little wave,” I decided to write, “Adorable! You have more of a mom do now!” Her response, “I love you…but never tell a woman she has a mom do!” I get it! Believe me, I totally get it! But you know what? I own that. Essentially, I wrote back, “Mom hair, don’t care!”

If I were to take that strong caution to never tell a woman she has a mom-do, I would be inadvertently accepting the opposite implication as true, “A woman will be offended if I tell her she has mom hair.” While maybe that is true for some, it isn’t for me! But when its true for some, it got me thinking…why do we say ‘yes’ I will be offended by that comment. We have every right to feel any way we want to. So it inspired this post about identifying yourself as a mom.

With all the cultural jokes out there about moms, we gained the idea (or lie, I like to say) that “mom’s can’t be sexy or attractive,” or they “let themselves go.” SNL made a funny skit, which always cracks me up!

But c’mon….does that really reflect the modern mom? Maybe in the 80s. Where does this image come from? I’ve talked to many older women who say they “wish” they had the maternity apparel that we have. They had to wear baggy maternity clothes that resembled men’s button down shirts. I think its plausible to say that the mom image started to form with the maternity fashion.

The picture engrained in our minds from “mom jeans” comes from the at-home, soccer mom portrait. But aren’t there so many more types of mothers out there? Working moms—who are definitely not wearing mom-jeans. Single mothers, who may very well be the best maintained! And then yes, the at-home moms. Either way, no matter where we come from or what we do, we ARE MOMS! We get exhausted working, playing, cooking or cleaning and our self-image begins to weaken! Which brings me to finally discuss the heart of this article.

Mom Identity.

The transition:

First, YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST ANYMORE. If you’re a mom, you need to move away from your past self! Whether you come from a heavenly course or a train wreck from hell, the present you needs to be re-invented! I remember becoming a mom and realizing the mom-identity doesn’t come with the baby -it had to be established! I also knew that if I didn’t work at forming a new POSITIVE image of myself as a mother, I could potentially destroy the blessings of creating a family. 

I struggled. When my son was around 6 months old,  I went to the Rack and bought a pair of jeans. When I was wearing them, my sister said, “What are you wearing?” Me: “My new jeans. I wanted some brown jeans. Why?” Her: “I thought they were mom’s jeans.” Me: (GASP!) “Oh no!!!” Uhhh…if your a mom, I KNOW YOU HAVE HAD A MOMENT LIKE THIS!

Oh YEEEEEEESSSSSS! Your a mom, own it! But how do you stabilize your identity?

Every human has this incredible thing called imagination! It works! It really does. It takes diligent work to create something new. But the majority of humans (known fact) are lazy. Most of the time, we just accept what someone else has already imagined for us like…SNL. Then we complain or take offense when we hear a stereotype thrown at us.

Listen! If you want to be confident you need to put in your do diligence (mentally) and make it happen by imagining what a “confident, attractive, mother” looks like to you. And not to everyone else.

Personally, I think moms are some of the sexiest women out there! If only they owned it! instead, they sheepishly wish they were living in their former glory! Look at your life! If you have children, you are a glorious, attractive woman!

So, on the imagination part. I can’t really explain the magic of the imagination that I experience, but I know something magical happens in a couple steps. I don’t do this often, its not a mantra, ritual…what mom has time to self-aggrandize and worship their own image? But this is what happens at spontaneous moments:

1) When I look in the mirror, I see good qualities that people have complimented me on or features that I have enjoyed. Then I see the “other” stuff. Then…

2) I say, “This is “me.” An acceptance statement.

I like being kind to myself. I have gotten into the habit of holding my image gently because I know self-image can be fragile. At the point of acceptance, the magic happens and my image beholds GRACE.

Behind the aging skin, the graying hair, the bags under the eyes, and the clothes we wear is the mom identity. The identity that is self-sacrificing, unconditionally loving, spontaneous, and creative to name ONLY FOUR. I see it. And say,

“This is me. I have a clean face. I don’t wear makeup (most days). I read on the stationary bike on the easy level. I haven’t brushed my hair.  But you know what? I’m owning it!


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The Cure for All Woes


Yes, I said it. Genuine, authentic salvation…as in being saved by Jesus Christ. As I write this I am aware that some may think this message is old news or cliche. But hopefully, I can write this message freshly for anyone that wants to end all the feelings of disappointment and grief that may  not have a meaningful relationship with God. Hopefully, I can this message that can lead you to faith in Him so that your annoyance, irritations, or possibly despairing outlook can end. This message is ages old, but it still has profound power that continues to change lives all over the world. 

We all try so hard to get it right. But we fail, right? I fail nearly all the time..did you see Day 6 of my sewing frenzy? Fail. But not only in the little things do I fail, but in the good things too, like being kind, honest, fair, patient, etc.

Next, people fail us. They fail you and me ALL THE TIME! Am I right? What do you do when someone fails you? How do you react? Are you the kind person you think you are?

Personally, I want the pieces to fall together perfectly. I want the reward of perfection, the reward of planning something and seeing it through. I want the rewards of hard work, faithfulness and integrity. I want the esteem and credit. And when it all crumbles or fails I get heartlessly, bummed out, frustrated, and mad at life and people.

crossBefore really walking with God, I suffered through depression, rage, and a even a broken spirit; I have been tempted to go to the dark side a time or two and maybe even have. But coming to genuine faith in Jesus changed all of that.

Simply being alive brings difficulty, pain, and suffering. Everyday challenges create two pathways. One path you can choose is of apathy, bitterness, depression, and/or hopelessness. The other is of faith. Simply put, although we struggle, we persevere!

So here’s the cure to end all earthly woes. Get saved. Except this doesn’t end all the bad stuff life is about. It gives us the ability to endure with strength, integrity, and joy despite the stuff going on in our lives.

Why is this the cure? An example from my life is any day that I am tired, or “fed up,” misunderstood, or feel stuck. I realize that I have been promised heaven -my beginning to eternal bliss with my Creator.

That day may not be my day. But one day, it will be! When things go haywire, the promise of complete perfection is just on the other side.  On days where I’m exhausted, I keep my focus on heaven! The promise of heaven works as my anchor of hope. This may sound crazy, but I look forward to that day where I will be in heaven.

Billy Graham says this stuff better than I do.

I realize we are only one breath away from death and life. Everyday we all live right on the cusp of heaven’s perfection, freedom, love, and peace. Do you realize that this promise could be yours if only you believed? All your guilt, bitterness, fears, hatred, hurts, pains, despair, and weariness could be remedied by faith in Jesus—who was sent to save you, bless you, heal you, and give you a hope to live for.

Scriptures say that everyone needs to be born again. We are all born once into the world through man. The second time is through the Spirit of God. Once you are born a second time, you will be born into a new spiritual life that gains you access to the wisdom and knowledge needed to bear the weight of this life. Through this second life (your life with Jesus) you will find true love, resistance to addictions, wisdom, and faith that can move mountains.

Jesus said, come to me my burden is light and my yoke is easy. If you put your faith in Jesus and in the words of the Bible, you too, can understand how our burdens can be lifted by the hope of eternity and faith in Jesus Christ.

If you would like to ask Jesus to be your personal Lord and Savior click the video and Billy Graham can lead you in a short simple prayer.